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Dog Services (mandatory on vaccination & flea prevention; a fine will be charged

                                                                                                     if we found any fleas)


Dog Treadmill

  • 30 min of running $6.99 / 15 min of running $4.99

Basic Groom

  • 15 - Minute Brushing (small mats & tangles) [extra charge if very matted]

  • Standard Shampoo and conditioner (eco-friendly)

  • Blow Dry

  • Nail Trim

  • Ear Cleaning [extra charge w/very dirty ears]

  • Body spray & Bandana (Holidays only)

  • Extra brushing: $10 / 10min; $60 per hour(optional)

   Basic groom price starting at $30.00 (prices vary due to condition and size)

 Full Groom

  • 15-Minute Brushing (small mats & tangles)

  • Standard Shampoo & Conditioner (eco-friendly)

  • Blow Dry

  • Nail Trim

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Sanitary Trim

  • Scissoring Feet & Shaving Pads

  • Anal Gland Cleaning [ optional, puppy & 10+senior dogs NO anal gland cleaning ]

  • Hair Scissoring or Clipping trim [regular dog grooming only, no show dog cut]

  • Body Spray & Bandana (Holidays only)

  • Extra brushing (undercoat, matted or knots): $10 / 10 min; $60 per hour (optional)

  Full groom price starts at $62.00 (prices vary due to condition and size)

Luxury Spa Package

  • Jacuzzi bubble bath

  • Jet and hand massage of the joints and muscles

  • Luxury Spa shampoo, conditioner, and Essential Oil

  • Ear cleaning [extra charge w/very dirty ears]

  • 15-Minute Brushing [extra charge w/ more brush]

  • Body spray & Bandana (Holidays only)

  • Doggie facial with Mud Purifying mask (optional)


 Spa Price start at $ 50 per dog (prices vary due to condition and size)

 JUST Bath

  • Shampoo bath, light brush & blow dry only

  • price starting AT $14.99 per dog( prices vary due to condition and size)

 FURminator Deshedding Pkg: $18 - $66

  •  FURminator brush up to 20 Mins

  •  FURminator Ultra de-shedding shampoo & conditioner

  •  Add to this service any bath and haircut pkg


*Please note that prices for all services may increase due to the condition and/or temperament of your dog*


Additional Services / shave down combo / de-matting service available, call for price


Dog Daycare

  • 3 Business Walks

  • Free treadmill, Cookies and lots of love!

  • Option to be groomed while in our care ( Additional charge)

Full-day (5+hrs) $33 OR Half-day ( Under 5 hrs) $19


Please be sure to pack a lunch or a few treats for your dog’s stay, along with a leash and collar. Be sure to alert staff if your dog has any food allergies or health concerns. All dogs must be social with dogs and people. They must also be up to date on all vaccinations, including Bordetella. Records of vaccinations must be shown before their first stay. 

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