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Petscool Services


Grooming - Our pampered program has basic and full grooming packages, and some additional services as well. The basic grooming includes ear cleaning, nail trimming, brushing, bath and finishing with the body spray. The full grooming includes scissoring, nail trimming, express anal glands, brushing, bath and finishing with the body spray. Our certified professional groomers will dedicate their Canadian professional grooming skill to our four-legged customers.

DaycareJust Renovated; New Playground;

Dropping your dog off in the morning on the way to work, and while you slave away, your pampered pooch is pampered indeed! By taking our daycare service, all of our sweetest doggies can enjoy his/her day by walking outside with our professional staff


Luxury Spas - There are two functional whirlpool massage tubs designed for our puppies. Our Luxury spa has two packages, Ordinary Spa, and Aromatherapy Luxury Spa. The ordinary Spa is designed for those PETS who have allergies with essential oils. The Aromatherapy Luxury Spa is perfect for all the PETS who have physical or physiological problems. Aromatherapy is used for a variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement, and psychology relaxation. We provide various types of essential oils, aromatherapy shampoo, facial lotion, perfect coat conditioner and Cologne spray to our sweet doggies. The Aromatherapy Luxury Spa can also give stress relief, de-shedding, eased anxiety and rapid weight loss. In a word, our PET LUXURY SPA service will provide all beloved DOGS a healthy, calm and happier life.

Dog Treadmills - Our Fitness center now has two Dog Functional Professional Treadmills, one is for Small – Medium size dogs and the other is for L-XXL size dogs. With the thrift price, our customers will take 15-30 minutes professional running exercise on it every day. According to the vet reports, nowadays, Obesity in dogs is almost as common as obesity in humans. The health consequences of these extra pounds are just as serious, too overweight dogs puts greater stress on their joints, heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. They’re also more prone to injury and are at a higher risk during surgery. So by running on our treadmills, your dogs will rebuild their healthy body and get their confidence back!

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